Photo traps - new knowledge about the Egyptian Vultures


You already know about the camera in the nest of the Egyptian vultures in Northern Bulgaria. But we observe 3 more couples by photo traps.
The aim is to find out more about the preferred from the species food, its feeding habits, as well as important moments from their lives - laying eggs, chicks hatching and feeding and some spicy things like courtship behavior, building a nest. We can determine on the photos from the photo traps whether the birds from the pair are the same as before or one of the partners is new. This is done thanks to the so-called "face control" - by studying the characteristics on the "faces" of the vultures.
Photo traps are activated by the movement of birds and take a picture every 30 seconds. To reduce the disturbance by photo traps to minimum we have disguised the device with pebbles and have set it up to shoot only during daytime.
The published pictures are taken by only one of the photo traps, but are representing the three of them. We will continue to upload pictures and keep you informed of the interesting facts we learn about the Egyptian vultures thanks to photo traps.

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The “Vultures stories” start with “Lazaros”

The “Vultures stories” start with “Lazaros”

In the "kitchen" of the Egyptian vultures

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