Egyptian vultures were welcomed in Bulgaria and Greece with installed photo traps and video camera


Photo: Dimitar Gradinarov

In Bulgaria on the first day of spring - March 22, Egyptian vultures were seen in the area of Studen Kladents and Madzharovo. In Greece, on March 26 an Egyptian vulture was observed in Dadia forest. On the same day a couple successfully returned to Meteora.

A number of activities were made by teams of LIFE + project "The Return of the Neophron" in preparation for their return. Photo traps were placed in nesting niches in Bulgaria and Greece. The video camera for on-line observing was installed for fourth year in the nest near Provadia. Three photo traps were installed in Bulgaria, and one in Greece - in Dadia Forest.

The photo traps and the video camera give us useful information about the diet and the behavior of the adults and the young birds in the nest. Photo traps allows us to identify threats to the species, and the reasons for breeding failures. Some photos have captured other species like Black stork, Red rumped swallow, Blue-rock trush, Kestrels, Little Owl or Jackdaw. Some of them, such as Мarten, Еagle Оwl, Raven, Peregrine Falcon, are enemies of the Egyptian vulture.  In 2012 in Bulgaria was placed 2 photo traps and 2 in Greece; in 2013 - 3 in Bulgaria and 2 in Greece; in 2014 – 2 in Bulgaria and 2 in Greece.

Team of BSPB repaired the electric fence of the feeding station on Kotata.  A cage for catching of Egyptian vulture was installed on the feeding station near Studen Kladenets. This year is planned adult Egyptian vultures to be cached and tagged with satellite transmitters.

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RSPB Steffen Oppel 11 March 2015
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