Madzharovo Municipality on a visit at the BSPB Vulture Centre


Madzharovo Municipality on a visit at the BSPB Vulture Centre

On 29th of July, in relation to the communication programme of “The Return of the Neophron”LIFE+ project and the initiativOpen Doors of the BSPB Vulture Centre, fourteen employees including the Mayor of Madzharovo Municipality – eng. Armutliev, visited the new exposition in the BSPB Nature Conservation Cntre Eastern Rhodopes. They had the opportunity to learn more about the current status of the biodiversity in the region, with emphasis on the four European vultures, three out of which could be seen around Mazdharovo (the Griffon, Cinereous and Egyptian vulture). Special attention was put on the most threatened raptor in Europe – the Egyptian vulture, and the actions implemented under the LIFE+ project on a local level where the BSPB and the Municipality could collaborate in future, i.e. development of the tourism and livestock sector in the area, co-organizing communication events and work with children. Behalf the new exposition in the vulture’s centre, the guests had the opportunity to see in reality the first flights of the juveniles Griffon vultures from the Kovan Kaya’s colony. As a fabulous final of the meeting, an Egyptian vulture flew few meters above the heads of the guests.

With this modest event the BSPB, the LIFE Neophron project team and vultures themselves, acknowledge the Madzharovo Municipality for the efficient collaboration in line of biodiversity conservation in the area.


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