Rescue operation "Griffon Vulture"


Photo: Natasha Peters

After few days we will celebrate the International Vulture Awareness Day (September 7th). On this occasion let us tell you an interesting story from last month, with the main character - one of the representatives of these remarkable birds.

A signal for a Griffon Vulture in distress from the region of Studen Kladenets Dam was received on 8 August in the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and water (RIEW) in Haskovo. The RIEW connected to Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) for assistance.

The place was difficult of access. The only way to achieve it was on water. People from the Hunting Reserve “Studen kladenets” immediately sent a boat to the team. With the help of a family from Sofia - Miroslav and Atanas Petkovi (father and son) the team reached the cliff above the dam, where was the exhausted bird. The vulture flew off, but after 400 meters it felt down into the water.

The team immediately took the bird into the boat. The Griffon vulture was a young bird, who had just flew from the nest, but very exhausted from the long stay on the cliff.

People from “New Thracian Gold (NTG)” project sheltered the vulture. After a few days the bird was ringed and released with the name "Kralcho".

BSPB is grateful to the RIEW Haskovo, Hunting Reserve “Studen kladenec”, “New Thracian Gold (NTG)” project, as well as to the local people from Zvezdelina village, and to Miro and Nasko Petkovi!

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