A journey to the survival


The idea was so simple and so important too: young people to be actively involved to the survival of the most threatened bird of Greece by disseminating messages on its protection to the local communities.

 The journey started 4 years ago when students from Evros and Rhodopes regions decided to help WWF team by supporting its activities for the protection of Egyptian vulture. In total 5 schools and 300 different students participated in a symbolic adoption of the Egyptian vultures’ pairs of Thrace which still nest near their villages. Main goal of the adoption was the awareness and information of the local people.

During this 4years experience, students tried actively and creatively to inform the citizens of their villages about the threats and the importance of the protection of this rare vulture that is still finds in Thrace a refuge to nest. They focused in outdoor activities like sharing informative material at info kiosks in open markets, placing informative panels in the countryside, drawing murals at the school walls or protesting at the central streets and squares, inviting their townsmen to be involve at the protection of the species as we see at the video. Our young friends will not stop their journey! They will continue their effort. Let’s thanks them for their unique and innocent way to communicate so loudly their messages to the public leaving their footprint into the long term activities of WWF team towards the protection of the vultures and especially the Egyptian vulture.


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A journey to the survival
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