A camera broadcasts from the Egyptian vultures’ nest


Photo: V. Dobrev

The world’s only of its kind camera for online observing of Egyptian vultures’ nest is here in Bulgaria. It shows in real time the life of one of Earth’s most endangered species. And this happens for third consecutive year! We are lucky that the pair Egyptian vultures chose to raise their babies in the same nesting place in Northern Bulgaria, where a team of Bulgarian society for the protection of birds had put a camera for the third time.

The pair has already had their first egg. Everyone is able to experience the pair’s exciting moments – the hatching of the eggs in July, the parents’ tireless care for the babies, their first fly and leaving the nest in autumn.

Furthermore, two photo traps are placed in two nests of Egyptian vultures in Eastern Rhodopes. These technologies provide us with valuable information for the behavior and feeding of these world endangered birds’, which is needed for their better preservation.

The devices are installed by the Bulgarian society for the protection of birds under the LIFE+ project “The return of the Neophron”.

The nest can be observed through our website: www.LifeNeophron.eu


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