Agri-environment practices

Amongst the major threats of the species is the land management of its habitats. The high concentration of chemicals used for the crops is absorbed by the grazing livestock and after their death these dangerous substances go into the organism of the top predators. In this way the vultures, which are on the top of the food pyramids can accumulate high levels of pesticides and heavy metals.  On the other hand, if the livestock is treated by antibiotics and other medicaments, this also reflects on the health status of the vultures, which consume their carcasses.  The bad health status of the vultures represents a very good indicator for the unhealthy environment where we leave, and therefore it is critical to start look after the quality of the food we produce and consume.

The Agri-environment (AE) actions within the project aim to develop and communicate different stimuli for the farmers to produce eco-friendly production.  Trough these activities we also promote the newly started AE measure in Bulgaria against the conversion of the pastures and meadows in arable lands. This AE measure is to preserve sustainably the Egyptian Vulture (and other globally threatened species as the Eastern Imperial Eagle and the Sacer Falcon) habitats at a national scale. These practices are beneficial for birds, people and the biodiversity as a whole.

Земеделска земя в Сакар

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