The supplementary feeding stations – in support of the Egyptian vulture in Greece and in favor of people


Egyptian Vulture captured with motion detection camera trap (Photo: LIFE10 NAT/BG/000152)

The provision of safe and high quality food in specific, controlled places - also known as supplementary feeding - is considered to be a key management tool for the conservation of scavenger bird populations. It’s believed that it can benefit the birds, increasing their survival rates as well as reducing the risk of poisoning.

Specifically for the case of the Egyptian Vulture, supplementary feeding stations may increase the population viability and also contribute to the settlement of new breeding territories as their abundance of food has been found to be closely related with the formation of communal roosts that hold congregations of non-breeding individuals.

The technical report "Creating supplementary feeding stations for the conservation of Egyptian Vulture in Greece" is based on a review of the existing literature and presents a set of guidelines for the establishment of supplementary feeding stations in Greece focusing on increasing their conservation potential for the Egyptian Vulture, in case they are used as an emergency conservation measure as well as for long-term management.

Тhe report describes the legal background and the legislation concerning the use or disposal of animal by-products in Greece. It provides a full set of guidelines on how to choose the place in the most efficient way for the birds. There is a technical description of the supplementary feeding station. The report lays out a way of food disposal and monitoring.

This report does not describe only the way that regular feeding stations should work. It contains hints and propositions about making supplementary feeding a long term management technique. In this context, it could be used for helping veterinary services to implement the last EU regulation and why not to be a base for application for specific agri-environmental measures benefiting vultures.

Find the full report here.

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RSPB Steffen Oppel 11 March 2015
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