Online video camera connects us with the life of the Egyptian vulture for the fourth consecutive year


The Egyptian Vultures’ family arrived after long and dangerous migration route and took the same nesting niche near Provadia, where a team of the LIFE + project "The Return of the Neophron" had installed a camera for the fourth time. It happened in the days after the festival of the town (4-5 April) when a tour for bird watching was organized, dedicated to this globally threatened species.

Only one bird was observed at first, which looked very exhausted. After several days the other bird from the family was spotted. At this moment the pair is preparing its nest and we hope to lay its first egg.

The camera for online observing of Egyptian vultures’ nest is the only of its kind in the world. It shows in real time the life of one of Earth’s most endangered species. Furthermore, three photo traps were installed in Bulgaria, and one in Greece - in Dadia Forest. These technologies provide us with valuable information for the behavior and feeding of the Egyptian vultures, which is needed for their better preservation.

The camera allows everyone to look at the life of this rare bird, to witness the hatching and growing of the chicks and we hope - to become involved with the fate of the Egyptian vulture and the conservation of the species in the Balkans.

The nest can be observed through our website:


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RSPB Steffen Oppel 11 March 2015
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