Egyptian vulture found injured in Preveza, Western Greece


Victor in ANIMA's Wildlife Centre

It’s been two weeks since Viktor, a juvenile Egyptian vulture, was found in bad condition in the area of Preveza (Western Greece). The bird, probably originating from Albania, had started its trip to Africa, a trip full of perils as we have learnt thanks to the transmitters fitted on 20 individuals in the framework of this project.

Apparently, the young vulture encountered a new type of unknown danger as after been examined in ANIMA - the wildlife rescue centre where it had been sent to-, a large wound was discovered on its belly. There is no clear explanation of how it got wounded in such way, or if some foul play should be suspected.

The important thing is that Viktor is at ANIMA’s centre for now, slowly recovering from its injury. Although it will miss this year’s migration period, Viktor will have a new chance next spring, once it is completely recovered and full of strength after 6 months under the caring attention of the animal rescue centre’s staff.

Team members from HOS took samples of the bird to send them for toxicological analyses as part of the study currently implemented to evaluate the general health status of the species Balkan population.

Viktor is one of the few juvenile Egyptian vultures born this year in the Balkans. Each year less and less Egyptian vulture pairs survive and manage to breed in Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, etc. So in fact, every individual counts! Viktor might not have made it this year to Africa, but luckily for him and the rest of its kin, it will have another opportunity next year, and who knows? He might just make it then!

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