The “Vultures stories” start with “Lazaros”


In the new section in the site of the LIFE+ project “The return of the Neophron” – “Vulture stories”, we will publish the real stories of Egyptian vultures in which our team is a witness, as well as a direct participant.  

By gripping narrative and compelling illustrations we hope to rouse interest in the reader for these magnificent birds and for the threats that are making them to disappear.
The first story is for Lazaros – the Egyptian Vulture, who fell twice into poison bait. The first time he survived, but the second was fatal.

The illustrations are in comic style and easily immerse the reader in the story.

Author of "Lazaros" is Yordanka Lukanova, the creator of the illustrations and the design is Yana Kazakova.

The comics for Lazaros can be downloaded from the file below or here.

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